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Nightout At a Redtube Disco in Las Vegas

“Man, where did you get that from? It is great! Come on, let’s run to the others! And tell us how you got hold of it?” Brad Pitt eyes lit up as he looked impressed at his friend Edward Cullen, who had managed to get hold of a bottle of alcohol. He hides the bottle in a bag so no one else sees it.

Edward answered, “It wasn’t that difficult. I just asked my brother if he would buy a bottle of vodka and whisky for me and he straightaway agreed for it.” The impression on Edward’s face seems somewhat down but he tells himself that when the party gets going then his bad mood will disappear.

The little disco of the Redtube hotel at the edge of the town of Las Vegas in a closed-down factory starts to fill slowly. As Edward and Brad arrive, they find all of their friends there. Jacob Black, Tom Cruise, Ben Affleck and Richard Gere are there. They can hardly believe their eyes as they see three hot girls in skinny dresses standing a little distance away but they are definitely here to party – with the BOYS. They go and introduce themselves to them and they get to know that their names are Bella Swan, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez. They had never experienced talking to such hot babes earlier. Brad who at eighteenteen doesn’t really think much of girls, looks taken aback and goes to Leonardo DiCaprio and asks, “Dude, how did you manage that? I mean the hot chicks over there. Did you bring them along?” “Yes”, said Leonardo, “it is totally cool to have girls here and they are so pleased to be here. Even Bella is there. Everyone at the school is after her. Totally awesome, man!” Brad does not snap out of his amazement, but takes out his camera phone and starts clicking photos and videos. He goes and exchanges some MMS with his best friend Edward he has clicked of some couples making out in the nightclub.

The party starts to flow and everyone is in a good mood. It is no wonder because the alcohol is flowing so they have to be in a good mood. Some of boys keep lighting cigarettes and looking over to the girls while playing casino, who are still standing away from it all. Everyone talks over each other and tries to make themselves understood over the music. Slowly even the girls started drinking at the famous Redtube Las Vegas bar and having a good time. The restaurant served good food in the end. The party organized by Brad and Edward turned out to be a huge success.