Kim & Kardashian Love story on Redtube

My Name is Kardashian  year 2014 and I am 30 years old, I live in Rio De Janeiro, in Brazil, and 11 years ago when I was just 19 years old, in the last year of my teen I was in love with a girl she was our neighbor. Her house was just opposite to my house. I used to stare her house for hours and hours to get a look of her. I use to keep my eyes on her windows for hours just to get a glimpse of her. I have installed a telescope on my windows to see her from close.

I use to run to the shower room as soon as the college bus drop me home. I use to get ready in the best dress I had. Her name was Kim. I use to play football with kims brother so that I can get the chance to enter their home.

After many years I got the courage to get a gift for her with a red rose along with my 1st letter for her. I decided give her the gift just like that while return back from her college.

And I finally approached her one day and it was my bed luck that that day she was too upset due to some fight with her friends. She was angry and when I looked into her eyes her eyes were on fire, so I freaked out and I couldn’t think what to do, So I told her that I just got this gift to your brother Brad, and I this flower for you.

My bad fortunes was stuck to me and that was the last day I ever saw her, next day they went for summer vacation and then we changed our house, and I never been able to meet my Kim again.


Couple of month back while surfing the facebook, I saw a beautiful girl who was single and she’s 27 years old , She was looking soo cute that I was not able to resist and I added her to my list. I was not able to see her other pics as her pics were locked. Couple of days later she accepted my request and we started having chat. She use to like naught chats and we had long long adult and vulgar chat. One day she send a sexy and exposing pic of her and I was like shitt… she was looking like my Kim. I checked out her other pics on facebook. I was shocked to see she is the girl I use to love 11 year ago.  She looked so beautiful and so sexy. She turned 32 – 28 – 34. She was amazing. That night we talked  for whole night and I told her everything that she’s my dream, that night got all the courage to tell her that I used to love her long time ago. I told her that I used to play football with his brother just for her and just to see her, and that day that gift was for her and not for her brother. She smiled and couldn’t believe all this.

We talked more than 11 hours that night, it was an amazing night, and we met same weekend and I proposed her and she accepted it. We are in love with each other and planning to get married on 14th feb valentines day.

Kim & Kardashian